Gwyneth Iola Williams

Design and Planning for Social Change


We are all formed by many influences.

I am grateful to have felt the delights and challenges of exposure to the thoughts and ideals of people from many diverse cultures and places, and as a Welsh-Filipina, the perspective that comes with a multi-cultural/bi-racial heritage.

The writer George Monbiot has called this time “the age of loneliness”. It seems we have created an environment where, competition and individualism reign supreme and we are more cut off from deeper connection than ever before. This alienation is at the root of much social conflict and our abusive treatment of our planet. The essence of humanity is our connectedness. Human beings are bonding creatures and we need to expand our potential to love and connect with ourselves, with one another and with our Earth. This issue is at the core of why I wish to be an agent of change in nurturing diversity and connection in the natural world, in human society and among cultural world-views.